Makati has all sorts of restaurants available with diverse cuisines from around the world. Be it coffee, alcohol, sushi or even some crunchy snack, Makati can cater to every need. As they always have the best chefs, the deliciousness of whatever they offer is anyways a given!

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For romantic dates

If you are looking for a perfect place to have an after-work date with your loved one, you will come across some of the best restaurants in Makati that matches your needs.

For stress releasing bar moments

We all get stressed once in a while and this is when we really need an alcoholic drink for a change to wine down. There are bars out there where you can park in for late-night drinking with your office mates, or even family members.

Trying Japanese food

If you have a strong craving for sushi or sashimi, Makati has the best Japanese restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Even at the in-house restaurants, you find at hotels such as Berjaya Makati Hotel, you get to taste the best of Japanese food and that’s a fact.

Cafes and Coffee shops

In Makati, there are several great coffee shops that you can find to have a quick breakfast. And as you can answer your emails and have long chats with your colleagues without any disturbance, these spots are also good for hangouts