Renowned countrywide and the world over as a food lover’s dream come true, the metropolitan city of Guangzhou holds the distinct honour of being China’s self proclaimed culinary heartland. As the home base of Cantonese cuisine this one stop food hub is home to a populace that reportedly consumes “everything in the earth and sky” according to an ancient adage. This age old saying denotes the sheer variety in Guangzhou’s culinary prowess and one need only venture down one of its many restaurant laden streets to discover the truth of the statement.

One of the must-try delights on offer in Guangzhou belongs to Cantonese cuisine which is made up of Dongjiang dishes and Chaozhou dishes that are revered across the world. Synonymous with aromatic sauces and limited seasoning, the highlight dishes of this school of cooking are of course Long Hu Dou, Roast Suckling Pig and Long Hu Dou. Crab fare such as Yuntun Mian can be enjoyed in areas such as Xihua Lu, Renmin Lu and Shangxia Jiu Lu where a number of wanton noodle shops are found while steamed vermicelli roll known as Chang Fen is another highlight that should not be missed. The Guiling Gao brown coloured jelly is another local favourite that is known to have health benefits as well.

Those in search of traditional sweetmeats and snacks on the other hand should head down to Xiguan or Shangxia Jiu Lu where local traditions in creating delicacies are preserved. Must-try items on the menus of eateries in these regions include dim sum which is available at Panxi Restaurant where 1,000s of varieties of the steamed treat are sold. Other hot-pick items include Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai or Shuang Pi Nai, a dairy product that is sweet and nutritious.

Liuhua Porridge City in Liuhua Park is the place to sample classic Guangzhou porridges where Jidi Zhou is sold in the famed Wuzhan Ji Restaurant which has been a fixture in the city since the turn of the century. Gongfu Cha and other herbal teas are also popular in Guangzhou where local favourites such as Wang Laoji Herbal Tea are served during Kung Fu Tea Performances in the city’s main tea houses.

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