Pattaya, which was once a fishing village is now a great tourist destination in Thailand. Its plethora of restaurants makes the city so appealing to tourists with a wide variety of dishes that they offer.

Khao Gaeng

Even the best restaurants in Pattaya serve this cover rice with a topping and they call it ‘Khao Gaeng’. It’s also one of the favourite street foods in Pattaya.

Moo Ping

This is a quick bite loved by the tourists who dine at resorts the likes of Avani Pattaya Resort. This means grilled pork served on a wooden skewer, and generally, the chef adds a sauce that doubles the taste of Moo Ping in style.

Som Tum

It’s a papaya salad! But it tastes extremely spicy, and this is also the reason why many westerners love som tum. The add raw papaya to this dish, and then make a beautiful mix with peanuts, beans, fish sauce, and dried seafood.


Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay|Alpha from Melbourne, Australia via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

This means chicken, pork or sausages fixed to an oversized toothpick and is often served with some delicious sauce. They also have seafood (fish) satay and in some areas, they have beef satay too.