Organic food production rejects the use of chemical fertilisers, chemical pesticides, and artificial preservatives. The recent times have made the consumption of organic food gain more popularity as more people come to terms with their health benefits.

Organic Food
Organic Food| Img via Rare Bar + Kitchen Colombo

Stronger Immune System

Industrial farming practices aim to cater to the world’s food demand by producing more meat and bigger fruit by the use of growth hormones. Although the side effects aren’t immediately noticeable, these modifications can impact the strength of one’s immunity in the long run. Consuming organic food eliminates this risk.

Fresh Food

Organic food is unquestionably fresh and quite full of flavour as they aren’t imbued with chemical preservatives to induce longer shelf-life. Meals prepared by using organic ingredients prove to be more delicious than others. Some of the best restaurants in Colombo the likes of Rare Bar + Kitchen Colombo offer delectable dishes made of pure organic ingredients.

Environment Safety

Since organic food is grown without the use of chemicals, environmental resources are hardly affected during the process. The safety of water, soil, and air pollution are ensured, thus creating a sustainable environment for all living beings.

Reduced Cases of Food-Borne Sicknesses

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations indirectly leads to the contraction of violent diseases by consumers. The best way to avoid these kinds of illnesses is to opt for organic food.