Central Vietnam, popular for its mesmerising beaches, fishing towns, agriculture and historical commercial activities is not only a spectacle to the eye. In fact, Quy Nhon is famed for a wide array of street treats that leaves you longing for more. Here are some handpicked street foods, best experienced in Quy Nhon.

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Delicious Vermicelli

Bun Nem Nuong, also known as vermicelli with grilled fermented pork sausage is among Central Vietnam’s favourite street foods to try. Taste this amazing dish at Quy Nhon restaurants, or even from a street food outlet as you head off for an evening stroll during your vacation at Anantara Quy Nhon Villas. The dish is a mix of vermicelli, grilled fish, and grilled pork sausage served with peanuts and cabbage, topped with cilantro.

A Prawn Pancake Anyone?

Known to add an intense flavour to whichever dish it may be in, prawns are undoubtedly a crowd favourite in Quy Nhon, and who could say no to a delicious plate of Prawn Pancakes? Prawn Pancakes are ideally a combination of freshwater prawns, bean sprouts and onion. The dish is best served with a sauce made from fish and spices to add flavour to an evening snack.

Fish Cake with Noodle Soup

Bun Cha Ca, a highly sought-after Central Vietnamese delicacy is simply known as a Fish Cake with Noodle Soup. As the title itself suggests, the fish cake is the primary ingredient of the dish. These fish cakes are made from either mackerel or barracuda where the fishbones of mackerel and flagfish are used to prepare the broth, owing to their sweet taste.

Water Fern Cake

Red, juicy, shredded shrimp is best savoured with pounded peanuts, green spring onions and golden fried onions, as believed by the Quy Nhon people. This delicacy is a must-try, as you stop by the eateries in Central Vietnam for a dose of their street food. Water Fern Cake, also known as Banh Beo carries a smooth cake-like texture and is best served hot.