Part of the allure of visiting Thailand is getting to sample its exotic and aromatic culinary delights! Here are some of the top dishes that foodies are bound to love.

Bah Mee noodles
Bah Mee noodles | Image Credit : City Foodsters, Tsukemen at a Tokyo restaurant, CC BY 2.0

Tom Yum

While you may have tasted this spicy seafood soup in your home country, the truly authentic version needs to be sampled in Thailand. Available at street stalls as well as resorts the likes of Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi, this dish has a heavenly combination of ingredients including galangal, lemongrass, chillies and garlic.

Green Curry

Thai green curry is named after the green chillies that are used; as you might have guessed, it packs quite a spicy punch! Be it at a Bangkok eatery or a Chanthaburi restaurant, you can look to try green curries made with various meats as well as coconut milk and ingredients like lemongrass and basil leaves.

Noodle Dishes

A perennial favourite, noodle dishes can easily be enjoyed in Thailand. Pad Thai, a form of stir-fried noodles is immensely popular but there’s more to try as well; options include Sen Yai noodles (rice noodles), Woon Sen noodles (glass noodles) and Bah Mee noodles (egg noodles).

Grilled Pork

Locally referred to as moo ping, yummy grilled pork is a treat for meat lovers and a popular street food in Thailand. Imagine pork pieces marinated and grilled to succulent perfection, served hot on skewers with freshly made sticky rice. Are you hungry yet!