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Thailand is famous amongst holiday makers around the world for pleasure, leisure or business and its mouth watering cuisines. If you are travelling to Thailand for the first time you most likely will stay in Bangkok first and if you are a food enthusiast and wish to explore authentic Thai cuisine Bangkok’s a good place as any to sniff around and familiarize yourself with its mouth watering delicacies it has to offer.


There is a touch of ambiguity to Thai cuisine. Dining in Bangkok is indeed a gourmet’s dream. Thai food became Thai in foreign settings, outside of Thailand, whereas Thai food in Thailand is never identified in that fashion as “Thai Food”. Strange isn’t it? Base yourself in a place that offers authentic Thai cuisine such as the AVANI Atrium Bangkok. The singular Thai Cuisine represents a variety of subsidiary culinary cultures which adds up to offer you a fascinating choice of flavours, to the discerning connoisseur.


A popular dish in Thailand is Phat Thai. Comprising stir-fry rice noodles, this dish has a reputation of being among the standard street-foods of Thailand. Believed to have originated from the ancient Thai city of Ayuthaya, and influenced by Chinese cuisine, Pad Thai is a national dish of Thailand must be tried by every visitor of Thailand.


The main element of a Pad Thai dish is stir-fried rice noodles, accompanied with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind pulp, and tofu. To give it a bit of zest, the dish is them topped off with various spices grains such as roasted peanuts, chilies, garlic, shallots, palm sugar, and lime. It is also common for vegetables such as bean sprouts, radishes and turnips to be added as well. This flavorsome and filling dish is great for eating while touring the streets of Thailand, so that you can savor the flavors of Thailand while exploring it. Many chefs also add meats and seafood, such as pork slices, roasted chicken, or crab to make the dish even better-rounded.


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