No visit to Sri Lanka is complete without sampling its delectably delicious street eats! Here are some of the most popular dishes to try when on a foodie tour.

Isso Wade | Image Credit : Jérôme Decq, Beignets de crevettes à Colombo, CC BY 2.0

Kottu Roti

A perennial favourite amongst locals, kottu roti is made by stir-frying chopped up godhamba roti / flatbread with egg, veggies and spices. Depending on your preference, you can have “kottu” with meats such as beef, chicken, mutton or seafood, while the addition of cheese makes the dish even more heavenly!

Pol Roti

Sometimes eaten as part of a full meal or a snack, pol roti is widely available be it at a street-side eatery or restaurant Colombo has to offer. Made from flour and coconut, this thick flatbread is also available at dining venues like rare Bar + Kitchen and is usually eaten with gravy laden curry and lunu miris, a spicy sambal paste.

Isso Wade

This deep-fried snack consists of a lentil “cake” of sorts that is topped by one or two prawns. It has a spicy kick to it and the crunchy outside and soft inside make for the ideal combination. An alternate version of this snack features a mini crab on top rather than prawns.


Another fried favourite, samosas are triangle-shaped flatbread delights that can have various stuffing; these can include veggies or different types of meats. Eating them fresh when they are crispy and hot is a true pleasure that goes perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee.