Srilankan fish curry
Srilankan fish curry | Img.By : Jkwinter (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Apart from the clean beach stretch hugging the turquoise waters, Passikudah is also known for its delightful seafood cuisine. Most seafood dishes are prepared with a Sri Lankan twist to it and are flooded with delicious flavours.

Here are a few traditional dishes you may find in Pasikudah.

Fish curry
Being an island, fish is a part of the daily meal of all Sri Lankans. The traditional fish curry is made by slow cooking chopped up fish with coconut milk and a great deal of spices such as pepper, chili powder, turmeric powder, curry powder etc. The dish goes perfectly with a plate of rice and some ‘pol sambol’.

Devilled sweet and sour fish curry.
This is prepared by deep frying the fish and soaking it in sweet and sour sauce before slightly frying it again with onions, pepper and a lot of chillies. The dish goes well with some fried rice.

Chilli fish curry
This is simply cooking the fish with a great deal of curry powder, pepper, chilli powder and sometimes coconut milk. The curry brings out the best flavour when prepared with freshly caught fish. Most tourist resorts in the area such as Anantaya Resorts & Spas Sri Lanka aim to provide freshly caught fish to give that authentic dining experience.

Jaffna squid curry (Cuttlefish)
The dish is made by chopping up the squid and frying it with onions, peppers, tomato sauce, curry powder, chili powder and etc. squid is referred to as cuttlefish in Sri Lanka, thus remember what to order when dining in Sri Lanka.