A grill master will always know the configuration of fire, the temperature needed for different types of meat and all the necessary tips and hacks for a perfect meal.

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There are a few universal types of grills everyone should know and they are as follows.

Open grill

This is the smallest type and is a metal or stone box with charcoal on it. The food is placed directly over the fire. This is used for high-heat grilling and is best suited for vegetables, and quick cooking food like kebabs, fish and steaks.

Covered grill

This is similar to an open grill with a tall lid to open and close when needed. This is used for indirect grilling and smoking. This is best suited for thick steaks and fatty meats such as pork shoulder, chicken or duck. This is a common type of grilling used by most of the best restaurants in Colombo such as the centrally located Rare at Residence.

Vessel grills

These are ceramic grills with thick walls. The grilling in these vessels are done by the coal as well as the heat on the inside walls. This is mostly used for grilling, smoking and roasting and is best suited for paneer, chicken, peppers and fish steaks.


This is one of the oldest methods of preparing food. This includes moderate grilling with the use of fire wood and wood smoke. This is best suited for tough meats such as ribs and brisket.
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