blood sugar measurment

Picking the right foods is of great importance for diabetic patients. What you eat makes a great impact on your condition; a plate of white rice may have a quick spike on blood sugar levels where as it wouldn’t be the same with a salad.


What is a Glycemic Index (GI)


Using a glycemic index is one of the best ways to choose healthy food. This is a tool that measures the amount of blood sugar boosted by the food you eat.


How does it work


Food with a GI of 28 increases blood sugar only 28 percent as much as glucose. Food with a GI of 95 has the same effect pure glucose has on your blood sugar level. Simply stick to food items with a low GI, for a healthy living.


What food


common types of nuts
Kazvorpal at English Wikipedia, Common-nuts, CC BY 3.0


Low GIs: Most fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables 
Moderate GIs: Breakfast cereals, white rice, corns, sweet potatoes, and yams 
High GIs ( > 70): Cakes, doughnuts, white bread and most crackers 


Other ways for healthy living


Apart from cutting down your sugars and managing food intake, a proper exercise regimen will help your health in every manner.

Swimming, jogging and all contact sports are always the best options. If you are living or working in Canada, you may train with establishments like First Class Personal Training that offer in home personal training in Toronto.


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