Sri Lanka offers a variety of flavours and unique dishes that are distinct to each region be at the northern tip, the hilly central area or the southern tip of the island.


Southern coast

In the southern coast of the island fishing villages have come up with delectable combinations of spices and herbs to cook seafood. Restaurants in Kalutara such as the AVANI Kalutara Resort offer Sri Lankan dishes in all their authenticity.


Synonymous with the rhythmic clatter of steel plates the preparation of this beloved dish creates, a plate of Kottu is a must-enjoy culinary experience in Sri Lanka.


Egg Hoppers

File:Sri Lanka-Egg hoppers.jpg
Ji-ElleSri Lanka-Egg hoppersCC BY-SA 3.0


Crispy and delectable hoppers are another hot favourite among Sri Lankan street food lovers. The egg hopper is a tried and true icon in the local food scene as a bull’s eye egg is incorporated into this popular breakfast dish.


Flat bread made with coconut shavings a Roti is typically consumed with a spicy sambal made of chilli flakes, onions and lime juice but the Roti can also serve as a scrumptious dessert when consumed with fruits such as bananas.


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