River Cruise Dining
Dine While Cruising Down the River

Of many things to do around Bangkok, a river cruise is a must try if you can find spare time. Thailand is a country that never runs short of river cruises.

Chao Phraya river cruise

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McKay Savage from London, UK, Bangkok 08 – 19 – taking a sunset boat tour (3166227121)CC BY 2.0

As you take the cruise along the Chao Phraya, you will come to terms with the centuries of Thai history. The floating restaurant receives a good influx of customers willing to enjoy the Thai culture and lifestyle. Do not forget to book your stay at a hotel near by the river such as AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel prior to your stay.


Banyan Tree Bangkok cruise

While enjoying this cruise, you can treat yourself to a sumptuous feast of yummy coconut broth mixed with crab claws, steamed snow fish with coriander and lime and paired with a massaman lamb curry with ajard.


Loy Nava cruise

Loy Nava cruise introduces you to historic landmarks and time-reversed attractions by the Chao Phraya River. While enjoying the cruise, the Chao Phraya’s two river banks would provide a matching platform for your dinner.


Overnight Cruise

For an unparalleled experience on the rivers of Bangkok, enjoy an overnight cruise. Dawns and dusks are particularly beautiful on the river and only if you are fortunate enough to stay the night on the boat, will you enjoy these picturesque scenes.


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