Must Try Food Dishes in Sri Lanka – The Most Decadent Delicacies of the Island

The cuisine of Sri Lanka might not be the healthiest of South-Asia, but it’s definitely one of the most indulgent, with influences emanating from India, Portugal and even the Middle East.




These are thin bowl-shaped crepe-like pancakes with a doughy centre and are famous throughout Sri Lanka. These snacks can be consumed in a variety of ways but they are commonly served with an accompaniment made with chilli, salt and chopped onions called ‘lunu miris’. Egg hoppers are made by incorporating a fried egg into the centre of the hopper. Be sure to keep an eye out for these at restaurants in Kalutara.


Coconut Roti


These are unlike any other kind of flatbread you would have experienced. They are thicker than the usual flatbread and would generally have onions and chilli in addition to fresh coconut mixed into the dough. They also most commonly served with lunu miris but can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.


Rice and Curry


This is by far the most predominant dish that Sri Lanka has to offer, and is consumed by millions on a daily basis. No two places serve the same rice and curry, and they are usually given at restaurants as lunch packets. Rice and curry is also served at luxury resorts such as AVANI Kalutara Resort.


Kottu Roti


The most indulgent food that Sri Lanka has to offer definitely has to be kottu roti. These consist of shredded roti that has been stir fried with meat, vegetables and egg. The chicken-cheese kotthu is to die for.



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Food You Must Try Out in Sri Lanka – A Delicious Journey

Sri Lanka offers a variety of flavours and unique dishes that are distinct to each region be at the northern tip, the hilly central area or the southern tip of the island.


Southern coast

In the southern coast of the island fishing villages have come up with delectable combinations of spices and herbs to cook seafood. Restaurants in Kalutara such as the AVANI Kalutara Resort offer Sri Lankan dishes in all their authenticity.


Synonymous with the rhythmic clatter of steel plates the preparation of this beloved dish creates, a plate of Kottu is a must-enjoy culinary experience in Sri Lanka.


Egg Hoppers


Crispy and delectable hoppers are another hot favourite among Sri Lankan street food lovers. The egg hopper is a tried and true icon in the local food scene as a bull’s eye egg is incorporated into this popular breakfast dish.


Flat bread made with coconut shavings a Roti is typically consumed with a spicy sambal made of chilli flakes, onions and lime juice but the Roti can also serve as a scrumptious dessert when consumed with fruits such as bananas.


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Dishes to try when visiting Sri Lanka – From fruits to spices and more…

File:Brinjal-Sri Lanka.jpg

A Brinjal Dish

Ji-Elle, Brinjal-Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 3.0

No trip to Sri Lanka will be complete without experiencing its food. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean truly has a wide range of delicacies on offer. One reason for this variety is the prevalence of different climatic conditions on the island. Depending on where you are, the types of specialities will differ. There are also types of food that are available wherever you go. It is wise to pre-plan your stay so as to absorb in most of this unique culinary experience.


Coconut plays an important role in the Sri Lankan culinary tradition. The multitude of ways in which coconut is used to prepare food fascinates many. ‘Kiri Bath’ (Milk rice), one of the island’s most loved breakfast dishes is made by mixing rice and coconut milk. The milk is also used to cook all curries, including the quintessential ‘dhal curry’ and ‘chicken curry’. Chopped pieces of coconut and fried chillies sprinkled on devilled chickpeas make for the perfect accompaniment for when you are sipping on a glass of your favourite liquor. Scraped coconut is used in making ‘pol sambola’, a spicy dish that can be had with rice, bread or string hoppers.


If you are looking to enjoy exotic seafood and fresh tropical fruit while not being too far away from Colombo, you can head over to one of the many restaurants in Kalutara. The city’s brilliant shoreline and the lands fertilised by the waters of the ‘Kalu Ganga’ (river) ensure that the likes of AVANI Kalutara Resort have a non-stop supply of fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables and spices. This natural abundance has allowed the locals to innovate and engineer dishes over time. Among some of these dishes are ‘Ambul-Thiyal’ (fish marinated in local spices) and ‘Wambatu-Moju’ (stir fried eggplant).


Sri Lankan dinner menus are as extravagant as its breakfast menus. ‘Kottu’ and Hoppers (‘Aappa’ in Sinhala) are two celebrated speciality dishes that are available almost anywhere you go on the island. Try as many dishes during your stay because they are to die for.


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