Boasting an amazing urban façade in China, Tianjin is quite popular for its scrumptious cuisine too! Particularly the seafood and river produce dishes! If you are a first-time traveller here, then you ought to know the dished to look out for in Tianjin.

Goubuli | Image Credit : <a href="">Gary Soup</a>, <a href="">Goubuli in Shanghai</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY 2.0</a>

Tianjin Seafood

Taking the location of the city into account, it is no wonder that the locals have come up with fantastic seafood dishes that bring out the exquisite taste of the succulent crab and shrimp! Try out some of the unique dishes served in generous helpings at restaurants like Fanzhuang and Tianyi Square.


This snack that originated in Tianjin is well-loved in China. The treat dates back to over 150 years in the past. Prepared with half fermented flour, the buns give out a delicious aroma that is sure to tickle your foodie senses! These snacks can be found on in eateries close to Somerset International Building Tianjin and also in Japan, Korea and even the US!

Shibajie ma hua

This tongue twister is the name of a food item that is sure to get you addicted! These fried dough twists are crusty in texture with a sweet flavour and alluring fragrance too. Those staying in Tianjin corporate housing complexes often head out to the street to grab a taste of Shibajie ma hua.

Er duo yan zha gao

Yet another tongue-twisting name of a delicious delicacy from Tianjin! But do you know what it means? When translated to English it means ear-hole fried cake! Curious to know what this tastes like? With a crunchy exterior and the inside filled with sweet red bean paste, this cake sure sounds like a delightful snack!

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