The seafood market found in this part of Manila is more than just a site you must visit, it is an experience that will take you right into the living style of the natives in Manila.

Dishes | Image Credit : Olaf.herfurth, Gefilte Fish, CC BY-SA 3.0

About Manila
Located in a country that is all about seafood, it is no surprise that the seafood market is a major attraction to the tourists in Manila. Fresh catches of the day are what you must go for, regardless of whether you are dining at a street food stall or in one of the hotels in Ortigas Pasig the likes of Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila.

Dampa dining
A popular way to sample the exotic seafood dishes in Manila is to attempt dampa dining, which means dining inside a hut. You have to step into the market in Pasay, pick the seafood of your choice, and hand it over to the cook. Dampa dining is no fine dining experience, but it is a definite must-do.

If you love laid back holidays with no drama, this seafood market experience would be something you’d love. On the other hand, if you get queasy for strong smells and sounds, you might want to avoid the place.

The end goal
The people of Manila say the end goal of starting such a market was to give a completely surreal experience to both the locals and travellers. Since they are blessed with great seafood, they just want to share this blessing.