Known for beautiful people, gorgeous landscapes and delicious food and fresh produce, Vanuatu is a place you must visit at least once in your life. Here are five of the dishes that come highly recommended.

1. Kava

Considered a traditional and ceremonial drink you will find Kava at Vanuatu restaurants. It is a drink that has been part of the people and the culture for over 3000 years. Though originally consumed as a medicine, Kava has quickly become a popular drink among tourists.

2. Santo Beef

Santo beef is known for its unique taste and tenderness. It comes from cattle raised in on the northern island of Santo fed on grass and coconut rind.

3. Tuluk

Tuluk takes time and is a slow food lover’s absolute dream. Minced meat is wrapped in cassava and dough and cooked in an underground oven for six hours or more. It is flavourful, tender and absolutely delicious and the best thing is it can be found anywhere from luxury hotels like Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu and local eateries.

4. Seafood

Thanks to its location, there’s literally no place in Vanuatu that you can’t find fresh seafood. Try it all!

5. Lap Lap


Lap Lap| Img by: Lenzo Nimoho via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Lap Lap is the national dish of Vanuatu, which is grated banana, taro, breadfruit and yam mixed into a thick paste and cooked with your favourite meat.