You may be thinking a food journey around the Maldives is all about tuna, but that is not really the case! There are many more food items that are sure to delight your taste buds, and here are some of the best examples.


Image via pxfuel

Garudhiya- a traditional dish

Although it is one very basic traditional dish in the country, every Maldives restaurant has Garudhiya on their menus. It’s a fragrant fish soup that’s cooked using fish, water, and salt.

Lucky & Al- a cocktail

During your stay at luxury resorts the likes of The Nautilus Maldives, you will be able to find this cocktail- and indeed it is one of the most expensive and premium cocktails you’ll find in the country. But, guess what? It’s worth all the money it costs! A definite must-try!

Biyadhoo Special- an evening drink

This drink is a refreshing combination of alcohol and fresh juice, that can be found in almost all the Maldivian areas, not being limited to the Biyadhoo Island in contradictory to what its name suggests! A refreshing drink to quench your thirst on a hot day!

Aluvi Boakibaa- A delicious desert

It is a sweet cassava and coconut cake that gives out a heavenly taste to anybody who tries this delicious dessert out. Preferred by both the locals and tourists alike, Aluvi Boakibaa is also an integral part of the Maldivian cuisine.