Zanzibar is famous for its exotic safaris and beach expeditions, and also for one more special thing. Spices! Hence this region bears its popular nickname- ‘The Spice Island’.

Why spices are interesting?
Spices are the dried parts of aromatic plants that help in enhancing the smells and tastes of food items prepared. Not just that, spices have a profound effect on health too, which affects several physical functional processes.

The history of spices- in a gist
Spices are as old as great Egyptian Pyramids. Because, it’s recorded in history that the labourers who were engaged in the constructions of these pyramids were fed spices, to give them more strength. Thus, basically, the history of spices is as old as human history itself- which is quite surprising.

Zanzibar Spices
While you enjoy Zanzibar dining, take a while to enjoy stories about the history of spices in the region, which also dates back to centuries. Omani Arabs developed Zanzibar as a spice-producing entity, and it all started with that.

How about enjoying a spice tour in Zanzibar?
Make sure you enjoy a spice tour while you spend your holidays at luxury hotels the likes of The Residence Zanzibarbecause it’s all worth it. You get to see the countryside during this expedition, and you can then meet the rural communities too, in addition to knowing A-Z of Zanzibar spices.