Indonesia is a vast country with plenty on offer, especially in terms of food. Here’s a small guide on the local food one must try when they are in the country!

Bakpao | Image Credit : J. Samuel Burner, Nangua Baozi (chinese dumplings), CC BY 2.0


Translating to ‘fried things’, several carts sell all sorts of ingredients that are deep-fried and sold such as tofu, spring rolls, pineapple, yam, etc. These are quick snacks for anyone that needs something small to eat in between doing touristy things. These carts are hard to miss!


Bakpao means a meat dumpling or bun, originally of Chinese origin. The original recipe uses pork as the meat, whilst many Indonesians have adapted this meat bun to be filled with ingredients such as chicken or vegetables. Step out of your service apartment in Jakarta for a taste of this delicacy!

Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa

A deep-fried batter fritter together with Sambal chilli is what this dish is. The banana that’s used in these dishes are not overly ripe, therefore the firm texture is retained. The extra spice sure gives this dish the extra kick that it needs!

Martabak Manis

A popular street dessert, this pancake is stuffed with all sorts of sweet ingredients such as condensed milk, Nutella, chocolates and cheese. Before retiring to Citadines Rasuna Jakarta for the day, make sure you give this treat a try.

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