This trek in Ubud is an ideal way to explore the true identity of Ubud, Bali and understand its constituents. Usually a full day tour, it starts early in the morning with you being picked up from your hotel. The first stop is at a royal historical site, the tomb of Queen Mahendradatta. It is a tomb that dates back to the 11th century, and the Queen’s tomb is accompanied by that of her royal consort. The descent to the site is a world unto its own, with gurgling rivers, lush greenery, and of course plenty of local fruits to adorn the way. There is a story, a legend, or a myth associated with almost every landmark in the area, which will be retold by the guides accompanying you. Leaving the Queen and her consort to their slumber, the tour then takes you to an Ubud village. Here you will be able to witness not only the lifestyle of the local populace but also local arts and crafts as well as temples and other places of cultural significance. Moving out of the village is when you embark on the paddy section of the tour, which has earned it its name. depending on the time of your visit, you will be able to witness different stages of paddy cultivation from planting seeds to ploughing fields to harvesting the rice. The tour ends with a scrumptious local meal that exudes the essence of Bali in every mouthful.
Although the official tour terminates at this point, you can extend the experience by indulging yourself in a Hands on Healing treatment. It is a Balinese massaging technique, practised from small massage parlours to giants in the industry like COMO Shambhala that will not only ease your tired body after a day’s trekking but also open up another aspect of Bali to you.

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