The Ipswich region of Queensland is renowned for its cultural heritage and natural scenery. The urban region is filled with various colourful and eye-catching old buildings that have been meticulously maintained from the time of the European settlers that initially arrived to the area. Ipswich is currently a bustling metropolis, but despite the various modern Ipswich hotels such as Oaks Aspire Apartments, there are over six-thousand heritage-listed sites, with one of the most notable being the 4-Hearts Brewing Pump-yard Bar and Brewery.
4-Hearts is a micro-brewery that has a restaurant in addition to serving locally brewed beers and various ciders and wines.
What’s notable about 4-Hearts is that it’s the first brewery that made its way to Ipswich, and the one-hundred year-old building it is located in is heritage-listed. Interestingly, it is also located in the very heart of the central business district of Ipswich.
The most sought after item at 4-Hearts is their unique craft-beer is which is completely brewed on site. The brewery boasts many incredible varieties of beer, including one that is made using marshmallows, biscuits and cocoa. The “S’more than a Feeling” Sweet-Stout as it’s called received a Bronze Medal in the Australian Beer Awards of 2016.
Their signature menu contains extravagant delectable delights ranging from gourmet burgers to pizzas to incredible main-courses, all prepared from scratch at the 4-Hearts kitchen. They even have a special children’s menu to ensure a fun family-outing. When it comes to food, 4-Hearts even does catering and has a special platter-menu to cater to large crowds.
So if you’d like to check out a pub like no other, where you can experience a slice of Australian history while enjoying some world-class Beer and food, the 4-Hearts Microbrewery is the place for you.

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