Tianjin food is more of less much focused on regional food such as river fish, shrimps and seafood because of its location along the coast. The best place for Tianjin cuisine however is the Tianjin Cuisine Street which is best experienced from a comfortable Tianjin accommodation such as Somerset Youyi Tianjin providing ideally located serviced apartments Tianjin. The light salty flavour is perhaps the most remarkable of Tianjin cuisine while the high use of rice, Lamb or mutton as opposed to pork is also a remarkable trait. The most popular of Tianjin dishes are perhaps the traditional Cuttle Fish stewed with meat, and the boiled crabs. However, the signature ish of Tianjin has to be  Goubuli, the famous stuffed bun which originally came into being  during the late Qing Dynasty by a native of Wuqing County. Its generous stuffing of meat takes on a unique flavour and it is popular among many for its non greasy nature which sets it apart from other stuffed buns. Also try the  Ear-Hole Fried Cake when here, a traditional snack made of  kneaded glutinous rice dough and a red bean filling that is a favourite among many. Chatang is a soup made of millet and guobacai is a pancake made of millet and mung bean flour, sesame oil, chopped ginger, soy sauce, preserved beancurd and green onion are another two dishes that simply must not be missed while in Tianjin.

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