Are you heading to Bangkok? Then you must sample some of the area’s local flavours from lines of street shops that would overwhelm any traveller. For a quick snack or a hearty dinner, Bangkok’s street food is sure to be a rewarding experience. Select Jetwing Holidays which offers Bangkok tour packages that will offer you easy access to the sights and sounds of Bangkok. Such tours from Sri Lanka will lead you on a culinary journey never gone on before.
How about some boiled minced pork wrapped in yellow dough? Or perhaps a bowl of sen lek which is medium flat rice flour noodle would put you in the appetite for more? Whatever you desire, Bangkok has it all covered. Savour the rich aromas of chunky chicken skewers that are marinated in local spices or head over to Guay Tiew Pla where you help yourself to noodles and fish balls. For beef broth one must visit Gada Ocha while Jay Yai would come across as the ideal venue for Chinese noodles. Poh Pia Sod is where you can take your pick from braised goose and Chinese sausages. One could also have sweetened egg yolk or crispy Thai pancakes with a selection of fillings.

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