Aimed at introducing the culture of wine brewing to visitors, the Wine Museum in Macau opened in December 1995. The museum occupies an area of 1,400 square metres and has a collection of 1,115 brands of various wines, of which the earliest produced wine – a bottle of Martle from 1815 is their highlight.

The museum which is divided into three sections combines education, fun and culture all in one experience. The sections are divided into the history of wine making, a display of wines and the collection of wines.

Through these separate sections the museum introduces visitors to the growth stages of grapes, the different tools used for brewery as well as the traditional tools that were once used. There are mannequins which display the various costumes of the different regions in Portugal as well.

What would a trip to a wine museum be without an opportunity to savour the wine right? Well at the museum they offer about 50 varieties and give visitors the rare opportunity to taste some famous brands.

Apart from introducing visitors to the culture of wine making the museum also aims to enlighten them about the social, economical and cultural impact that wine had in the life and the rituals of the Portuguese.

The varieties of wines that are available at the museum are mostly from China and Portugal. The museum is also the first in the Asian region that is dedicated solely to the history and manufacture of wine production.

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