High tea is a popular evening event for the people of Sri Lanka, especially the ladies. Let’s take a look at how the concept of high tea began.

Sri Lankan Tea
Pure Ceylon Tea

Tea Time


The early 19th century saw a sudden spike in tea drinkers all over the world, and being one of the world’s largest tea producers, it is no shock that Sri Lanka caught that fever too. From tiny street corner tea shops to elite hotels like Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, tea time is a much-loved activity that gives a break from whatever you are doing.




Back in the days, the elite and the rich have low tea at about 3 pm and have it as means of socializing and having something to do during the day.


Why is it High Tea?


The middle class and poor on the other hand, have the tea later during the evening and replace it with their dinners. The term “high” came from the height of tables used at tea, as dinner tables are higher than tea tables.




Tea time is a common snack or break in Sri Lanka, and be it Trincomalee or Tangalle, dining is usually at the end of the day, and tea is a much welcomed time that acts as a buffer for hunger until the actual dinner.


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