Sri Lanka’s culinary culture is shaped by a multitude of influences, covering Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and India. These influences have culminated to form many delectable delicacies.




Lotus Head from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, SamoussasCC BY-SA 3.0


These are commonly found throughout most Oriental and Arabian cultures. The samosas in Sri Lanka come in two particular varieties, the bloated vegetarian type inspired by Indian samosas, and the flat meat-filled kind inspired by nations such as Burma. Each of these is delicious.


 Isso Vadei (Prawn Fritters)


These are one of the most nationally celebrated street snacks in Sri Lanka, and consist of crunchy and delicious lentil fritters with prawns placed on top. Some stalls even sell wraps with shrimp fritters in them.




File:Sri Lanka-Egg hoppers.jpg
Ji-ElleSri Lanka-Egg hoppersCC BY-SA 3.0

These crépe-like creations with a doughy centre are delicious, and can be found at humble eateries as an evening snack, or at almost any Colombo city hotel such as the likes of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, for breakfast as well as dinner.




File:Chicken Kotthu - Food 1.jpg
Shamli071Chicken Kotthu – Food 1CC BY-SA 3.0


When it comes to Sri Lankan street-food, there’s no singular dish more rewarding than kotthu roti, which consists of shredded flat-bread stir-fried with vegetables, egg, spices and your choice of meat. The most popular variation of this is the chicken-cheese kotthu which consists of roast chicken and cheese wedges.


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