Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular food cultures due to its use of fresh ingredients to create flavorful and healthy meals. Here are some Japanese delights that all foodies must sample.

Image credit- Unsplash,Frank from 5 AM Ramen,CC0


With so many variations of this dish and regional specialities, Ramen is a staple in Japanese cuisine due to this very versatility. Ramen noodles are the most ubiquitous version of this dish although it also comes in soup form. The sauces used to flavour Ramen also differ from city to city although a bowl of ramen noodles usually contains soft boiled and marinated Japanese eggs, vegetables, bamboo shoots and pork.


No deep dive into Japanese food would be complete without savouring the taste of sushi, a dish that has become symbolic of Japanese cuisine to most diners. Whether one is based at the Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo or any one of the other furnished apartments in Tokyo, one is never too far from a sushi restaurant. Those who venture down to the Tokyo Fish Market will also get to taste the freshest sushi creations made using ingredients that are quite literally fresh out of the ocean.


Ranked among the visually stunning dishes in the Japanese canon, Sashimi features fish or octopus that’s been cut into thin slices and served in a decorative way. Don’t forget to dip the sashimi in some soy sauce before popping it in your mouth while seasoned Japanese foodies also love to have sashimi with wasabi and ginger.

Miso Soup

Consumed almost daily in Japanese households, this aromatic soup is made using “dashi” stock that’s rich in “umami” flavour. Combined with soft toft, green scallions and wakame seaweeds, the dish is the perfect starter before a meal.