The Caribbean is not only home to a melting pot of cultures, but street food as well! Foodies looking to sample more refined cuisine as well can choose to stay at Parrot Cay by COMO, an award winning hotel belonging to COMO Hotels and Resorts. This luxury hotel group provides a truly luxurious holiday in the Caribbean along with giving you a chance to try authentic regional cuisine. Of course part of your culinary journey here involves making trips to the other islands where you can soak up the atmosphere while enjoying an eclectic range of street food. When in Jamaica make sure to try the “Jerk Chicken or Pork”, expertly prepared over an outdoor grill utilising pimento leaves to give it a distinct flavour. Trinidad & Tobago is famous for its “Doubles” which is a kind of pancake roll with a baked bean filling, while Barbados is well known for “Fishcakes” made with saltfish and hot pepper. “Conch Fritters” in the Bahamas and a fried pork dish known as “Griot” in Haiti are among the other delectable treats that you should not miss trying when on your gastronomical adventures!