This popular trading centre with its bustling energy has always been a famous place for its snacks and local cuisines. The time immemorial practice of snacking for breakfast still reigns in the form of ‘Guo Zao’- which is translated as “to have breakfast”. Thus, during your stay, instead of grabbing a western breakfast, you may do it the Wuhan style. The vendors at the food stall have the ability to furnish a customized breakfast for you and you would definitely be amazed by their speediness. The best advice is to go along with the popular choices rather than be too ambitious. Hot-Dry-Noodles, Season’s dumplings, fried bean sheets, and fried pies are some of the popular choices. The four main snack streets are Ji Qing Jie night street, Hu Bu Xiang, Qiaokou Lu, and Jingwu Lu.

Hubei has a thriving fishing industry and the local gastronomy known as ‘e cuisine’ is a signature delicacy of the place and dominates more than eighty percent of the restaurant menus in Wuhan. Delicious soups and tantalizing fish dishes flavoured with light spices are the highlights of these unique preparations. Other famous dishes include Steamed Wuchang Fish, Hongshan Vegetable Bolts, Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes, Wangji Chicken Soup, and Dongpo Pork.

For the less adventurous in spirit and those who find it a little too difficult to try out exotic Chinese cuisine, the choices of western restaurants are pretty much limited. Although the town boasts of a total number of 400 western food restaurants, most of them only cater to the mass Chinese market. But leave no room for disappointment as the star-class hotels in Wuhan will take care of your palatal needs. Complete with a wide array of French, Italian, American and even Brazilian food there’s no room for regret. Thus all in all Wuhan itself is a ‘gastronomical delight’ indeed.

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