The trendy city of London standing proud on the great river Thames is the most populous region in the United Kingdom. Bustling with life, day in and day out, this city is famous the world over for its assets in the fields of tourism, arts, entertainment, fashion, finance as well as media.

With a diversity of people and cultures mingling in the city, London has in turn diversity to offer to those who visit in terms of experiences, entertainment and ofcourse, cuisine. Whether you are looking for fine dining or relaxing with a little piece of delight on your plate, London has got it all for you.

If the spice and masala of the Bollywood is your craving, then head on to Dishoom’s courtyard ,”The Verandah’ and treat yourself to the lip smacking delights of paneer rolls and Indian curries, cooked and served hot with the cooling delight of a lassi.

The Frank’s Bar in Peckham serves delicious Campari cocktails with scrumptious BBQ grub and salads, throwing in a magnificent view from the rooftop for free while the Kensigton Roof Gardens offer happiness in its delicious form in their Summer BBQ Club, where liqueur will be served up with live music jazzing up the BBQ to complete your happy picture of the holiday.

Romance is served hot in Summerhouse in Little Venice where the sea side décor and the shining masses of water combined will mesmerize you, and make you wonder for once, if a fairy tale in real life is a possibility after all!

If you wish to spurge a little to experience one of the finest things on offer in London, then you could lose yourself amidst the charm prevalent like a mantle of glory on the riverside restaurant of River Café. Serving gastronomical fantasies like no other in its riverside garden of herbs and edible flowers, this wonderful place has delighted many since its inception in 1987.

Experiencing London in its dazzling form can efficiently be done if accommodation is sought in central London. Hotel accommodation in a London luxury hotel such as in the Metropolitan London will ensure that your holiday in the great city is spent amidst sheer comfort and luxury, while giving you easy access to many attractions on the city.