The dining scene in Hong Kong is one that must be paid careful attention to for it will lead you on an absorbing journey of mouth watering cuisines and household names in the area. A Hong Kong hotel such as the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong will be a good choice of lodging during your holiday here. This Wan Chai hotel Hong Kong has to offer paves the way for you to discover the treats that await you.

Head down Gough Street and straight into the comfort of On Lot 10. Take your pick from a menu that offers the richest roast chicken, a signature large fish roasted in salt crust coupled with sweetbreads that would entice any traveller. Try Above & Beyond where the popular pan seared Kagoshima pork belly with osmanthus and raisins would make for quite a hearty meal. Additionally Queen’s Road Central pans out to the impressive Island Tang where many a Cantonese delicacy is available. Elegantly furnished this restaurant offers you a dish comprising of barbecued pork daubed in sweet honey that is simply too good to be true. Move away from the busy central district of Hong Kong and call at The Chairman. The steamed flower crab coupled with Chicken oil and Shaoxing wine is one dish that must be had. One could also try Chef Harlan Goldstein’s Gold; an eatery which affords guests a choice of culinary specialities such as the Colorado lamb rib, lobster spaghetti and Tuscany seafood soup.