There is no better place to experience the sheer wonder of street food than in Bangkok. With plenty of options at hand, all you need is a brave heart and stomach to have a good time.

What to expect

When in Bangkok you will find some form of street food in either a small cart on the roadside or amongst a collection of stalls in a local market. If you are staying at a Bangkok city hotel such as the Pathumwan Princess be sure to ask the staff for their tips for finding good food.

Noodles are everywhere

Thai authentic Seafood Noodles | Image via Freepik

One of the dishes that are hard to avoid is the noodles! Be sure to try them in all their flavors from chicken, duck, egg, and even in red soybean paste.


When the sun sets, Chinatown comes to life as the must-visit food spot in Bangkok. When you visit be sure to try a little bit of everything so you get to experience the true diversity of flavor.

Try Bang Rak

This location is a place where immigrants once gathered since ancient times and now is home to a variety of the best street food dishes in the area.