Australia’s cosmopolitan city, Melbourne, is also its culinary capital. Its dishes are as diverse as its population, deriving influences from Asia, Italy, and Greece.

Meaty feasts

Melbourne’s iconic meaty, Sunday-brunch dish includes a roasted leg of lamb with potatoes, peas, and gravy. Meat pies are bite-sized feasts served in the city’s eateries and at many Melbourne Airport restaurants. This shortcrust pastry is packed with diced/minced beef and gravy.

Bakes and sandwiches

 Sandwiches Choice  in Melbourne | Image via Unsplash

A must-try is Melbourne’s unique bakes and sandwiches. Bahn Mi is a Vietnamese pork baguette, while gozleme is a no-yeast Turkish flatbread filled with meat, cheese, and spinach. Cruffin – a muffin-croissant stuffed with jam and cream – is a quirky bake served at many hotels and eateries in Melbourne, including PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport. Be sure to try some jaffles, a clam-shaped, panini-type sandwich.

Mediterranean/Italian-inspired treats

Melbourne is renowned for its own take on Capricciosa pizza. Topped with olives, ham, and mushrooms, it is smaller and thicker than its traditional counterpart. Be sure to try the city’s version of Italian schnitzel and souvlaki.

Chinese delights

Dim sim, Melbourne’s spin on Chinese dim sum, pippies in xo sauce, which are clams in a Chinese-inspired umami sauce, and Sichuan fried eggplant are must-try Chinese dishes.

Coffee escapes

Coffee is given a whole new meaning in Melbourne. Savor its signature “flat white” and “magic” coffee and the famed espresso martini, which is espresso laced with vodka and coffee liqueur.