Ranked among the world’s most popular beach holiday destinations, the Maldives is also a foodie’s dream come true. Here are some of the best local dishes to sample on your next trip to the isles.

Mas Huni

Served as a breakfast dish in Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives and similar other properties that claim themselves to be the best Maldives resorts, this delicious tuna salad is what most Maldivians dig into first thing in the morning instead of a bowl of cereal. Made using fresh tuna, the salad also incorporates freshly grated coconut, chilli and onion. Blended to form a salad that can be consumed as it is or with rice or a flatbread, the salad also makes a great sandwich filling for those who wish to experiment.


While the fact that alcohol is not widely available in the country may put a damper on the holiday experience, there is a local tipple that might be a healthier alternative to hard liquor. Made using fermented toddy sap, the distinctly Maldivian beverage packs in quite a kick although one is unlikely to get tipsy from a glass or two.


As a comfort dish that’s prepared daily in households across the country, Garudhiya is a traditional soup that capitalises on the availability of fresh tuna. The clear and aromatic broth is infused with turmeric, curry leaves, garlic, lime juice and onion and slow-cooked so the water can absorb the flavour of the tuna pieces thrown into the mix.

Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni
Boshi Mashuni | Image via wiki media commons

Salad fans and veggie enthusiasts will love this banana flower salad that not only incorporates grated coconut and tuna fish but also a wide range of local spices and herbs. Served as a starter in most local restaurants, the dish is perhaps one of the most nutritious meals in the local canon.