Once you decide to holiday in Pattaya- everyone’s favourite fishing village to visit in Thailand, there’s something that you need to do other than enjoying the pristine beaches. It’s none other than enjoying the Pattaya food experiences!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai means a dish of Thai-style fried noodles popular not just here, but worldwide. If you decide to holiday in Avani Pattaya Resort in which you find one of the best restaurants in Pattaya, don’t just miss out on this classic dish.

Khao Gaeng

They just cover the rice with a topping and call it Khao Gaeng and that’s as simple as that! You may find this dish at street food stalls in Pattaya, and you’ll surely fall in love with this dish.

Gai Yang with Khao Niao

Grilled chicken, sticky rice, and sauce- that’s all about this amazing dish! The kind of dip sauce that they use will decide the taste because they use many sorts such as mundane sweet chilli sauce.

Moo Ping

If you are someone who loves the taste of grilled pork, try Moo Ping! Yes, it’s a quick bite, but once you taste it with the special sauce they give, you won’t just be okay with one bite. You’ll go for more!