Thai beverages come in all sorts of colours, flavours, and even temperatures – and they taste fabulous with a doubt! You should definitely remember to try out some of these exotic beverages during a vacation spent at a Bangkok city hotel the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

Thai Whiskey

Mekhong and Songsam are good old whiskies of Thai origin for those who’ve got a liking for this particular beverage. The ingredients include rice, molasses, and sugarcane and these are considered the best for the ultimate party experience.

Thai Coffee

Coffee is loved by many and the Thai version will dazzle even the most ardent of coffee lovers out there. The Thai coffee – Café Boran – is a perfect blend of sweet, rich, and strong. At times, cardamom powder and coriander are used to enhance its flavours. Oliang is yet another famouss type of Thai coffee made of coffee, sesame seed, corn, and tamarind.

TakeawayKafae boran Chiang MaiCC BY-SA 3.0

Thai Cocktails

In a city that is notorious for its parties, cocktails cannot be left out and many tourists here fall hard for these lip-smacking beverages with their own tropical twist. Some popular Thai versions include Tom Yum Siam, Orchard, Passion Fruit Caipiroska, and Siam Mary.

Thai Tea

When we talk about Thai beverages, Cha Yen cannot be left out. It is a Thai iced tea that sports an impeccable colour of orange with the right punch of sweetness which has got tea lovers of the world hooked.