Phuket is an island blessed with restaurants and hotels. For those who need an intense shopping experience, Phuket can be a paradise and from night-time bazaars, to vintage flea markets this town has the best markets too.

Image by: Huahom via pixabay| CC0

Chillva market

Some of you heading to your favourite beach club in Phuket may find the Chillva market on your way. The special fact about the stalls in this market is that most of them are in shipping-containers. You can find any food element ranging from tasty desserts to crispy fried bugs at this market at affordable prices.

Phuket walking street

Right after partying at M Beach Club Phuket, if you want to taste some horseshoe crab, the Phuket walking street is the most recommended. You can taste the local and Southern Thai cuisine from the food stalls there and in addition to food, there are other souvenirs like crafts too.

Phuket weekend market

May it be duriyan to any vegetable you name it- if you want to buy fresh food, this market is the ideal place. It also has Thai street food items and you may just love tasting the different flavours that they have on offer for you.

Phuket Indy market

At Phuket Indy market, with all stylish clothing and accessories, you also find good grilled meats and sweet desserts at its food stalls. To spend some time dining too, this market can be nothing less than perfect.


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