The locals of Kowloon will tell you that looks are deceiving in this city when it comes to eating out. The most unassuming places will serve you the best dishes that you have tasted in your life. There are many eateries that take on the title of “hole-in-the-wall” as well as many minimalistic cafes and open-air eateries that make for some cheap and delicious alfresco dining.

The food of Hong Kong has always had a reputation of being delicious while maintaining its awesome level of originality, even though the presentation may not always be the best. However, if you are in the locality and wish to try out some of the best culinary feats of Hong Kong, you will have to try and eat the way the locals do, which involves a ton of street food. Fish balls, chestnuts, egg tarts and dried fruit are pretty much available anywhere for dirt cheap prices and the amount of sweet and savoury dishes available are staggering. There are many laid-back eateries that serve delicious goodies such as dim sum, vermicelli, pork buns, steamed egg and turnip cakes. However, the places can get a bit crowded. Therefore, while the food may be cheap and tasty, you may not necessarily have a peaceful and quiet experience. But, that’s part of what adds the beauty to the whole “eating like a local” scenario in Hong Kong.

However, if you do want to try out a fine dining experience in Kowloon, there are ample options for that as well. Many restaurants in Kowloon, Hong Kong such as the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong amid many others, serve authentic dishes for the discerning palate. However, bear in mind that a lot of Hong Kong’s food contains a lot of oil and spice, which might not agree very well at first, with everyone, but which is all the more flavourful because of this fact.

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