Adelaide is the capital city of the South Australia region. However, the city is also called the food and drinks capital of Australia, as it is home to some of Australia’s finest wine and produce regions. A visit to the city gives you the opportunity to discover these beautiful regions and explore the amazing food and wine industry. Finding accommodation in Adelaide, be it for short or long stays, is rather convenient as the city is home many hotels and residences, such as the Oaks Embassy which offers a range of Adelaide hotel apartments.
Being one of Australia’s foremost wine producing cities; Adelaide is home to many world-class wineries. These wineries are the home of some of the best wines produced in Australia, and visiting them gives you the opportunity of witnessing, first hand, the meticulous processes involved in wine making and the traditions, customs and practices associated with wine producing in Adelaide.
There are many wineries in Adelaide and it is rather difficult to point at a single winery and say that it is the best. Nevertheless, there are many wineries that well worth visiting. One such winery is the Perrini Estate Winery, which has been one of the most reputed producers of red wine since its inception in 1997. Another winery that is definitely worth visiting is the Shaw & Smith Winery that offers visitors a chance to taste some of top wines that are produced at this winery. The Hahndorf Hill Winery; which produces Gruner Veltliner and Blaufrankish wines, as well as Golding Wines; which has numerous wine tasting and produces its signature Golding Wine, are also regarded as being wineries that warrant a visit. The Artwine Cellar Door, a boutique winery located in Woodside, is also known to be one of Adelaide’s best with its flagship brands, such as Pinot Grigio and Fiano. Other wineries that you certainly should consider visiting are the Talunga Estate Winery, the Deviation Road Winery, and Pike & Joyce Wines.


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