If you are interested in being a part of a truly magical experience in the city of Manhattan indulge in New York’s Gourmet Dining Cruise. Step aboard the New York Celestial, a sister ship of Bateaux in Paris and London and experience a cruise that boasts the best of cuisines, soothing music and spectacular vistas of the world’s most breathtaking skyline through its magnificent ceiling  and curved glass walls that gives you the feeling of dining under the stars.

The cruise is luxury at its finest. Their customers are treated as royalty and are pampered with fresh flowers, vintage alcoholic drinks and are served food in fine china which is placed atop classy linen draped tables. The ambience is set to awe, inspire and tantalize. On entering the magnificent cruise ship you will be welcomed by the acoustic trio of a baby grand piano, classical guitar and acoustic bass that sets a harmonious mood for a classy evening to follow. Tantalize your taste buds with a 3 course cuisine prepared on board using fresh mouth-watering ingredients to give you nothing short of 5 star quality that can be enjoyed alongside live jazz music. What would really sweep you off your feet is the magnificent New York skyline that offers you breathtaking views of the city’s landmarks. Watch the towering empire state building and the awe inspiring statue of liberty illuminated so majestically amidst the darkness of the night. The combination of star class cuisine with unparalleled scenery, music and wine makes this gourmet dinner cruise an experience sure to be etched in your fondest memories.

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