Built in 1928, the Lin Heung Tea House is one of the oldest teahouses in Hong Kong. Situated on Wellington Street, this is an un-looked for dining experience awaiting the hungry traveler. The diner, although known for its chaotic service and crowded ambience, is famous for its great Dim Sum – known to be among the most desired culinary delights in Asia.

The old school setting of this restaurant is of great value to the people in Hong Kong. The house is recognized as a place of cheerful chatter, ordered chaos and character that brings together people from all communities and cultures. The Tea House boasts massive tables that are often occupied by customers awaiting their dim sum delicacy. Reserving a table is not an option at this eatery; you will have to hover around the crowded vicinity and pick out an empty seat and await your meals.

While you sit patiently, the traditional tea ritual takes its place when a waiter or waitress, dressed in traditional Chinese costume acknowledges an order of choice and brings with him/her a porcelain tray full of hot water and tea. Soon afterwards, traditional carts are seen making rounds at the restaurant offering each customer the Dim Sum dumpling of preference.

The Lin Heung Tea House is known for its almost village-like setting, where tradition is key. The teahouse is itself a unique experience. With an array of choices to choose from, be it a certain recipe of tea or a Dim Sum dumpling filled with fine ingredients, your dining experience will be overwhelming.

Although this teahouse may not be your cup of tea, the taste of each prepared meal is widely regarded as being among the best in Asia. So if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, the Lin Heung Tea House is the place to be.

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