If you’re looking for a flexible summer job or have always wanted to observe the inner workings of an enticing eatery to fuel your future dreams of opening one yourself, restaurant shifts are an eye-opening and enriching experience for individuals with a growth mindset.

Assessing Restaurant Culture

If you’ve come to the conclusion that applying for restaurant service will help you along your career pathway, whether you want to work part-time to pay for college tuition or are interested in the restaurant industry for your dream job potential, it’s essential to choose an eatery with a culture that fits your goals and values. For instance, if you’re looking for a relaxed, fun, and passionate work environment with friendly colleagues and approachable employers, make sure you do due diligence!

Cinching the Right Position

You might get mesmerised by stunning aesthetics, inviting hospitality, and warmly interactive superiors, but it’s easy to fall out of love with even the best of restaurants if you misjudge the position you are cut out for and take on the wrong job role! For instance, you need to identify if you’re more suited to Front of House (FOH) positions like setting tables, serving guests, and setting the tone or Back of House (BOH) functions like manning cooking stations, running the pass, and making sure the plating is on point.

How to Land the Job

After conducting thorough research on the company culture, engaging in conversations with current employees to gather insights about their working experiences, and carefully assessing my own preferences for working at the front or behind the scenes, it is essential to evaluate whether the company shares the same dedication as Smashburger in supporting the advancement of their employees’ careers. This includes a genuine commitment to fostering their growth and ensuring their success within the organisation. Make sure you apply through multiple channels, highlight job-specific skills in your resume, and practice how you’ll answer restaurant interview questions!

Tips for a Rewarding Experience

Working – Photo by Bimo Luki on Unsplash

Whether it’s your trial shift or first official work week, make sure you are punctual, cheerful, and transparent, ready to support your team, engage with customers, stay focused, and ask questions if you need clarification.