Staying in a Hong Kong hotel and haven’t tried Dim Sum? Perhaps it’s high time that you sample this delicious dish that originated in China. Dim Sum is prepared as small bite size portions of food that are steamed and served at restaurants and hotels. While many foreign tourists often refer to them as dumplings, Dim Sum is not quite a dumpling; it’s a far more delicious alternative that can either form a snack or be consumed as a full meal. Many tourists opt to experiment with different flavours of Dim Sum at a  Cosmopolitan hotel in Hong Kong, but the city is also home to Michelin star restaurants that offer the dish as a delicious appetizer or as a main meal.
However, Dim Sum can also be sampled as a snack while exploring the city, for little carts can be found on street corners selling a variety of Dim Sum options. Because it is such a beloved component of South East Asian cuisine, travellers will have little difficulty finding places that serve them. The difficulty lies sometimes in finding a good restaurant that offers a variation of Dim Sum that you enjoy.
Dim Sum is often served with tea, also known as Yum Cha, similar to how some countries enjoy an evening cup of tea with biscuits. Dim Sum, on the other hand, is consumed around the clock, and is loved by many who sample it. Traditional Dim Sum options include steamed buns, rice noodle rolls, dumplings etc. while the buns are often filled with beef, chicken, pork or vegetables. Travellers might also wish to sample Dessert Dim Sum as well. Dim Sum is certainly a marvellous way to experience the local cuisine for it is delightful and gratifying; ensure that you don’t forget to try Dim Sum when visiting Hong Kong.

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