In the West, soup is associated with comfort and warmth and is consumed when one is not feeling too well. It is equally considered useful when one cannot be bothered to prepare a meal. Even then, soup tends to be a quick affair where it is either powdered, or includes only one or two ingredients. Visiting the island of Hong Kong, however, will make a person evaluate the importance of soup in their lives. Unsurprisingly, South East Asian cuisine places a great deal of importance on soup as a staple in any meal. Such dishes are not simple, and are often complex and delicious. Therefore, if there is one place to sample some great specimens of this dish, it is in a Cosmopolitan hotel in Hong Kong.
The type of soup that can be enjoyed when in Hong Kong, depends on various factors such as the weather (there are cooling soups and warming soups depending on whether it is summer or winter) and the health of the consumer for different soups cater to different ailments and conditions such as skin and respiratory problems. An added benefit is that, due to its popularity, it is fairly easily available, and therefore, tourists can often get room service to deliver soup to their Hong Kong hotel rooms.
Some of these soups incorporate fish and seafood which, given the location of Hong Kong, is unsurprising. Further, tourists maybe surprised to discover that fruits are also used to make soups with one of the most well known being papaya soup. However, most of these soups are now being updated with other meats such as chicken and pork with vegetables. Therefore, visiting South East Asia is undoubtedly going to change the way in which one views the utility and allure of this dish, just as it is beginning to make an incursion into western meals as well.

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