The taste, the aroma, the boost. If there is anything better than coffee, it is coffee in Dubai. Dubai’s coffee culture is rising in popularity, embracing not only the hearts of the locals but visitors as well.

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All day, every day!

The perfect blend of the Arabian culture with the universal drink, it is a must to sip a coffee when you’re in Dubai. There are countless good coffee shops in Dubai and the coffee consumption of the country is hitting the roofs at a rate of $7 billion per year, making UAE the new “Melbourne” of the Middle East. There are more than 4000 cafés in the country! Places like the Nomad Day Bar would be the ideal cosy place for you to enjoy an aromatic coffee if in the area.

For anyone and everyone!

Coffee is not a drink just for the rich, it’s for everyone. Dubai has a range of coffee for you to taste and each one is different yet satisfying. While you can get a lovely mug of coffee from a chic café, you can also get one served in the traditional dallah pot.

Never enough coffee!

From elegant, luxurious coffee shops to indie cafés with a unique vibe, you will find no shortage of coffee in Dubai. Be it a coffee date, a study break, or a business meeting, there are plenty of destinations! Needless to say, if you’re a coffee-lover, Dubai is a paradise for you.