Whether you are a tourist from the Western world of fast food, the European fine dining, the Asian concoction of spices or the strong flavours of down-under, you would have come across Thai food in your own country. It is among the most famous international cuisines, a blend of flavours and fragrances that transcend all borders and boundaries. When in Thailand and on the lookout for its essence, you can easily discover it in the air-conditioned atmosphere of the luxury hotels in Thailand, as well as in the loud, spirited novelty of a street food cart. While you may be tempted to try the familiar Tom Yum soup or the juicy grilled pork, there is more to the cuisine than these. For the tongue that wishes to escape the iron grip of a Tom Yum, you have Tom Kha Kai, a sweet smelling milder cousin of the famous Thai cuisine. There is Som Tum, a salad that will either have you running for the hills or setting out a camp for more; there is no in between. It is sweet, sour, and spicy – like a love affair that is just right. Each dish that you would taste in Thailand would sing its own story. The secret to a satisfying meal is to find the dishes whose songs complement each other to make the perfect harmony.


If you wish to learn the real essence of Thailand, it would be a worthy investment to learn how to make Thai food. Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas for instance conduct Cooking Classes for their residents that is a perfect way to uncover the secrets behind the inexhaustible flavours and fragrances that are an inseparable part of Thai cuisine. After all, the best way to take a bit of the country home with you would be simply amazing.


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