Watch the sky before you set sail towards Koh Pha Ngan off the south eastern coast of Thailand where all the fun, party and reveling begins on full moon days every month. Get yourself a lunar calendar, mark your holiday dates, make a reservation at a relaxing dwelling such as the Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas and you can confidently pack your party clothes to enjoy the music, entertainment, and cuisine at the beach and at one of the Koh Phangan restaurants respectively.



Though the entire atmosphere including the meals and dishes get spicier, juicier and more ravishing on these twelve days every year, the food in Koh Phangan anyway is worth writing about. Many of the most popular eateries are located along the coast of the island and the views and ambiance are unparalleled. Then comes the delicious part of the story, brace yourself as your mouth would start watering from the moment you open up the menu.


The range starts freshly from what’s netted by the fishermen in the area; prawn and snapper BBQ, the all-time favourite – fish, and chips with a Thai twist, batter fried prawns with sweet chili sauce and fish cake. The world-renowned yellow, red and green curries with the unmistakable scent of lemongrass and the more western cuisine such as salads, pasta, pizza, and steaks give every appetite a dish of their choice.


For the health conscious there are generous servings of sautéed and stir-fried vegetables served with grilled fish, top it off with some phad Thai noodles or glass noodles to keep the authentic Tahi feel. Finger food such as sandwiches, tacos with guacamole sauce and vegetable kebabs are available almost all day to let you laze and drown in the beams of the sun before the moon’s glimmer takes over the sky. The sweet cravings can be vanquished with the amazing cheesecake and gooey chocolate based sweets.


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