Farm to table concept is used by many luxury resorts in Koh Samui to provide fresh produce to guests

The thought of those celebrated red curry and green curry dishes suffices in making one yearn for Thai cuisine. the Koh Samui food-scape comprises much more than the traditional and not so traditional Thai culinary items as it caters to the globetrotters, those from mainland Thailand and of course, the sixty thousand odd population of the island.


The range starts from the shoreline itself; the tiny vendors who serve cut fruits with sugar and pepper, the fried and grilled chicken sold by pedlars on the street to the more chic looking cafes where people stop by for a sandwich or a delectably dark brown chocolate cake to the vast variety of exquisite restaurants in Bophut.


Touristic stopovers dot the entire country, yet few are as resplendent as those towards the north; underpinned by the proximity to the airport and the presence of internationally recognized names such as Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort, the area of Bophut is as good as any to enjoy your plan to stuff yourself during your vacation.



If you are someone who has only heard of how good red snappers are, waste no further time and gorge over these, throw in a bunch of king prawns and your meal is set. The sticky mango rice, sold in plastic containers with a plastic spoon stuck in it may not sound like the most appealing item of food, but one dig into it and you will know you are wrong!


Fire up any meal with the spices and sauces that are kept on the side in neat palettes; a little way of giving the meal your own twist, though it is guaranteed that each bite would have lots of flavor and goodness The seafood is the most exciting part of the local cuisine and a meal on the beach is the most exhilarating part of the experience, may your thoughts be romantic, friendly or full of giggly fun.


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