Delicious Cuisines
Delicious Cuisines | Img. by: [joshuemd,  Creative Commons CC0 via Pixabay ]

In Glenelg, Adelaide, food is something not to be missed when on a vacay. You’ll come across all kinds of delicious cuisines while staying here. So here’s the best of the best in Glenelg.


Asian Food


Glenelg’s Asian food culture is pretty happening. Most of the best restaurants are located along Jetty Road which provided easy access to not just the good eateries but also to many options for accommodation Glenelg such as the Oaks Plaza Pier. Head over to Glenelg Spices that serves up a range of mouthwatering noodles or the Simply Sushi restaurant that provides heavenly Japanese cuisine.


Indian Food


Spice up your holiday in Glenelg with a visit to the Bay of Bengal located along Partridge Street! Also checkout Cafe Pantai and the Pride of India restaurants.




The food of the gods! Don’t miss out on your weekly pizza night when in Glenelg as the city’s got great options. The Glenelg Pizza House along Jetty Rod serves scrumptious pizza as well as sensational Italian cuisine. There’s also the Goodlife Modern Organic Pizza if you want to eat healthy.


Pubs & Bars


Whether you’re planning on chilling with your mates or just enjoying a little something on your own, Glenelg’s got a pretty good collection of bars and pubs to suit your mood. Options vary from the Pier One Bar to the Sol Bar, Horizons Cocktails Lounge and The Grand Bar, to name a few.




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